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Who We are

Enterprise Risk Management Institute t/a ERM Africa is accredited by the London Accreditation Certification Board (LACB), United Kingdom and Association of Certified Anti Money Laundering Specialists (ACAMS), USA. It is affiliated to National Board for Professional and Technicians Examinations (NABPTEX), Ghana and London Academy of Professional Training, United Kingdom.

ERM Africa, founded in 2009, is a leading professional risk management training, advisory and consulting firm located at the University of Ghana, Legon and it is registered under the laws of the Republic of Ghana with offices in United Kingdom, Dubai, India, Liberia, Sierra Leone and Nigeria.

ERM Africa is the accredited training partner and Examination centre for LAPT and ACAMS.

Our Company Mission

To create, design and deliver innovative products and services that enable growth-seeking micro, small and medium sized organisations and career-pursuing individuals to prosper in their uncertain operating environments. We strive to help our clients foster an ever-increasing business resiliency, enterprise continuity and sustainable growth by delivery of innovative modes of strategic development, business resilience and risk-management training and consultancy support – which facilitate ongoing build-up of capability to identify, learn about and creatively act upon unfolding challenges in both external and internal business contexts. This through:

  • Ongoing research into, and ‘partnership working’ with, growth-oriented and growthachieving micro and small enterprises and medium size businesses to progressively build understanding of, disseminate and implement into future business practice state-of-theart strategic management, business resilience and risk management knowledge, skills and abilities
  • Development and application of innovative learning and delivery approaches and vehicles that creatively embrace state-of-the-art content – but also facilitate the nurture of individual and organisational ‘resilient learning capability’
  • Provision of high-quality customised and client-specific support training and consultancy

Our Vision

  • A leading accredited provider of high-quality ERM, strategic development and business resilience training, consultancy and advisory support for individuals and for organisations of all sizes and forms – in Ghana, within the wider African continent and internationally
  • Responsive to the ever-changing business environment and a resolute inquisitor of what constitutes ‘best enterprise risk management, strategic management and business resilience practices’
  • At the cutting edge of growth-enhancing application of identified ‘best management practices’ in terms of design of creative modes of support provision and delivery approaches commensurate with the needs of our varied clientele
  • At the forefront of understanding and responding to the distinctiveness of micro enterprises and small businesses vis-à-vis large well-resourced companies, and thus cognizant of their differing characteristics, size related problem-types and associate support needs
  • A ‘business resilience’ world-lead in the address of confusion and absence of unity on just what ‘small business resilience’ should and could involve – culminating as ‘lead support practitioner’ in the fostering of ‘holistic micro and small business resilience capability’  
  • Recognised as ‘first port of call’ by, and ‘close working partner’ for ERM, strategic development and business resilience support-seeking customer bases across all sectors and within different geographic locations and at differing stages of enterprise development  

To attain this vision involves us distinguishing ourselves in:

  • Constantly pushing our own research and insight-building capabilities [our formal and informal self-learning activities and abilities] in terms of ongoing understanding-build of the changing external business environment and the ‘best management practices’ adopted by successful growth-achieving enterprises in dealing with such unfolding change contexts
  • Building depth of understanding of individual ‘learning process’ as key frame of reference in our approach to design and development of training and consultancy support provision and programmes – particularly with regard to how small business owner managers most effectively learn, and thus how entrepreneurial learning differs from other forms of learning
  • Simultaneously working cooperatively, collaboratively and competitively with other lead business support providers [in academia and private sector support] to keep abreast of the nature and form of best practice design and delivery business support models – including most effective new technologies and learning contexts
  • Creatively adopting holistic and multi-disciplinary approaches to business support provision – progressively developing our own capability to foster micro enterprise and small business management abilities and behaviours in our client enterprises through vantage point of a number of complementary ‘guiding lenses’ [rather than through any one single academic or management discipline lens]. Thus, for example, combination ‘best small business strategic management’ lens; finance lens; HRM lens; entrepreneurial learning lens; risk management lens; business resilience lens
  • Fully receptive to the nature of the business support needs of actual and potential client bases, including recognition of their preferred learning styles and learning contexts and of constraints and limitations which may impact on their ability and/or willingness to access external support provision – and thus the imperative of our offering high-level flexibility in meeting the support needs of clientele both in terms of the forms of support provision, delivery modes and location of that provision.


www.lapt.org | www.acams.org for more information.


Prospective Applicants can register for LAPT, UK and ACAMS, USA courses

Successful applicants would be awarded globally recognized professional certifications with industry acceptable credentials.

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