Enterprise Risk Management Institute

Enterprise Risk Management Institute

Enterprise Risk Management Institute (ERMI), located at the University of Ghana, was founded in 2009. As a top-notch risk, compliance and advisory professional network in Africa.


  • Are constantly pushing the boundaries in build-up of ground-breaking banking and finance knowledge – through innovative research and partnership working with the world of business practice.
  • Adopt an applied, practical and vocational orientation – but which is informed by rigorous academic underpinnings: thus equipping our participant client-base for the ‘world of banking and finance development and growth’ and/or professional progression.
  • Offer outstanding learning opportunities and learning experiences which respond to the specific development needs of our varied clientele – and which will place us out front through our recognition of the vital importance in today’s highly uncertain environment of fostering individual ability to become a better and more resilient learner; and hence our focus on learning process as well as state-of-the-art knowledge content
  • Draw on best pedagogic practice, focus on creative and customised design, development and delivery of provision which facilitates business development, career path progression and/or academic advancement goals of our ‘client-base’.
  • Offer total flexibility in delivery modes and location to meet the needs of local, regional and international clientele – providing breadth of client choice: short course or long programme provision within varied venues convenient to the client; or technology-facilitated distance learning; one-to-one or small study groups; or ‘within-your-business’ training, coaching or consultancy for the owner manager; or ‘flying faculty’ positioning our expertise country-wide or overseas; and with ‘partnership working provision’ in support of fellow colleges and universities.

Uniformity, Standardisation and Quality Assurance of our Provision

Each of our certified training programmes is designed, developed and delivered utilising an in-depth ‘own research’ business development knowledge base and the National Accreditation Board (NAB credit framework as frame of reference – based on developing Units of learning (modules/standalone courses) which have a credit value and level of difficulty.

Programmes are designed and offered at non-tertiary difficulty (equating to Higher National Diploma and Postgraduate Diploma respectively) and three types of qualification are offered at each of those levels:

  • Professional/Postgraduate Certificate (requiring 8 credit points; equivalent to 40 hours of learning [Note: this is student learning time; not teaching contact time)
  • Specialist Certificate (requiring 16 credit points; equivalent to 80 hours learning)
  • Certified Certificate (requiring 40 credit points; equivalent to 160 hours learning)

The ‘difficulty’ of the acquired qualification is described by ‘Level Descriptors’ – which indicate the course participant learning outcomes (thus allowing learners, employers and awarding organisations to understand the range of knowledge, skills and abilities required to complete a particular level; and ensure that the development of our courses results in learner knowledge and skills regarding completion of a particular level meets standards comparable with National Accreditation Board (NAB)/National Board for Professional and Technical Examination (NABPTEX) standards.

The Level Descriptors indicate learner achievement at the particular level; they do not indicate learner performance within the level – this we capture with a combination of formative and summative assessments throughout and at the end of the programme.

Modes of Programme Delivery

  • We deliver out short courses in a classroom setting, or if a client so requests within his or her business premises(on-site) – and post-course ‘follow-up’ telephone, email or online support is offered.
  • Longer Certificate and Diploma programmes are delivered utilising a ‘blended’ learning approach – which, for us, is dependent upon the specific course and can include a combination of core classroom provision, online study exercises and use of the course participants own business and business context as learning vehicles (through the undertaking of set learning activities and mini-projects).
  • Delivery options used are developed to reflect the requisite nature of each programme or course – which include the development of courses that are appropriate for study through distance learning/online provision.
  • ‘Delivery timing’ is also tailored to the needs of particular learners: for example, a 40-hour credit unit may be delivered within convenient weekdays, evenings or across a number of weekends. Short one or two-day small business management training courses can also be provided.


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Enterprise Risk Management Training

ERMI two (2) Stage Enterprise Risk Management Certification course equips individuals and firms to identify and manage their risk holistically. Participants who successfully complete the course are awarded Specialist Certificate in Enterprise Risk Management Certification which enable individuals to sit for the Certified Enterprise Risk Management Certification conducted by National Board for Professional and Technician Examination (NABPTEX),a national competence certification body with a global acceptance.

We offer a 40-hour course on weekdays and weekends

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