ERM Consulting

ERM Consulting Ghana

Enterprise risk management is known as a plan-based business strategy that includes methods and processes to manage risk. It also aims to prepare for any dangers that may interfere with an organization’s objectives and even operations.

The Internet is equipped with several institutes that are engaged in providing consulting services. In this regard, Enterprise Risk Management Institute, trading as ERM Africa was founded in Accra, Ghana in 2009. It is known for offering state-of-the-art service. ERM Africa’s clients are consulting firms, banks, corporations and many more. It includes AML Community network Group which comprises practitioners, professionals and academics that offer ERM consulting services in Ghana.

ERM Agribusiness Training & Consulting

Enterprise Risk Management Institute (ERMI) t/a ERM Africa located at the University of Ghana, was founded in 2009. As a top-notch agribusiness training and consulting institution, ERM Africa continues to provide capacity building for agripreneurs and growth seeking small businesses in Africa. ERM Africa helps potential investors in Agribusiness with risk analysis and market research in relation to Agribusiness Investments and Cost in Africa.

Agribusiness is still of central importance to most of the world’s economies. To effectively contribute to economic growth there must be coordinated links between agribusiness firms, farmers, retailers and technical assistance providers. ERM Agribusiness training is the right choice for agripreneurs/business startup/growth seeking small businesses and business advisory service providers to build their technical, human and conceptual skills as well as conduct appropriate risk assessments on business/strategic plans. Our training presents effective risk assessment skills, innovative methods and technologies for adapting to changing conditions, creating effective links and increasing production.