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Unfortunately, many organizations launch their ERM processes by engaging in activities to identify potential risks along predefined risk categories, such as IT, cybercrime, legal, compliance, financial, regulatory, etc. Once they create a long list of potential risks, they are often left wondering how to use that inventory of risk information to manage the business. What is often missing is the connection of risks to the business strategy. Without an integration of ERM and strategy, boards and senior executives fail to see the strategic value of their ERM efforts. Evaluating your firm’s risk maturity level is the first step to getting your firm adopts ERM. Also, the high volatilities in most African economies call for understanding and practice of enterprise risk wide risk management.

Enterprise Risk Management Institute develops potential ERM professionals in Africa to help African institutions meet their Strategic, Operation, Compliance and Reporting objectives through the provision of ERM Training and Certification.

Target Audience

Executives who play a major role in leading ERM efforts within their establishments including religious organizations, state owned enterprises (SOEs), multinational firms, Embassies, Municipal Assemblies, Ministries, Departments and Agencies,etc. The persons include; churches leaders, board of directors, senior executive such as Chief Executive Officers (CEOs), Chief Risk Officers (CROs), Chief Operating Officers (COOs), Chief Finance Officers (CFOs), Credit Controllers, Chief Auditors, Risk Champions, Executive Management, Regulators, prospective risk and compliance professionals who lead the ERM process in the organization.

If you manage your risk, then you manage your success. Find out how protecting your business on a daily basis brings big benefits. We have trained and certify over 120 ERM professionals across 20 African countries to deliver technical assistance projects which support their adoption of ERM Frameworks and help them to compete and sustain their operations.

ERM Training

ERMI is the foremost enterprise risk training institutions in Africa. You can apply for our ERMI 2- Stage Enterprise Risk Management Certification course to meet your personal growth and/or business needs. Please visit

About Course

The ERMI 2- Stage Enterprise Risk Management Certification course equips individuals and firms to identify and manage their risks holistically. Participants who successfully complete the course are awarded a Specialist Certificate in Enterprise Risk Management which enables individuals to sit for the Certified Enterprise Risk Management Specialist certification conducted by National Board for Professional and Technician Examination (NABPTEX), a national competence certification body with a global acceptance.

We offer 80-Contact hour course on weekdays, evenings and weekends. We also offer Company Specific Training to meet specific industry requirements.

Accreditation and Certificate

ERMI offers a 2-stage certification process for prospective ERM Professionals Certificates are issued by ERMI and NABPTEX.

Wrapping Up

So, if you want to a holistic enterprise risk management training institution, enrolling in with ERMI is the best option. There is a lot more important information which will help you to increase your knowledge

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