London Academy of Professional Training


London Academy of Professional Training (LAPT) is a capacity building institute accredited by London Academy Certification & Examination Board (LACE Board), UK. It aims to help working professionals sharpen their skills and add value to their resume.

Due to globalization and innovations, institutions are exposed to various opportunities, challenges and threats. The training we provide equips participants in the identification, measurement, mitigation, control and evaluation of such issues in the respective industries. The aim at ERMI is to anticipate the human resource needs of industries so their staff can be trained to fill in the industrial gaps and champion revolutions.  The promotion of profitability whilst minimizing legal, compliance, credit and reputational risks is of utmost importance.

In pursuance of such excellence and quality assurance, ERMI is now affiliated with LAPT after standard accreditation processes were met. High quality of training is ensured at LAPTs partner centres, through certified training consultants who ensure that the standard of training meets the international standards. Certifications are awarded on the basis of assessments duly moderated by LAPT. These are in the form of classes, case studies, assignments, projects, among others. At LAPT quality of certification awarded is of prime importance, securing them as a highly credible accrediting body that is globally recognized.

ERMI offers the opportunity to have groom the most elite staff in the respective industries through the pursuance of the courses listed below:

  1. Post Graduate Diploma in Forensic and Cybersecurity Risk Management
  2. Post Graduate Diploma in Advanced Enterprise Risk Management
  3. Post Graduate Diploma in Financial Investigation and Fraud Management
  4. Post Graduate Diploma in Agribusiness Risk Management
  5. Post Graduate Diploma in Anti Money Laundering and Financial Crime
  6. Post Graduate Fiscal Risk Management
  7. Certified Business Advisor
  8. Certified Business Incubator
  9. Diploma in Tourism and Hospitality Management
  10. Certified Anti-Money Laundering Effectiveness Specialist (CAES)
  11. Certified Enterprise Risk Management Specialist (CERMS)
  12. Certified Information & Cybersecurity Specialist (CICS)
  13. Certified Public Private Partnership Specialist (CPPPS)
  14. Certified Economic & Financial Crime Investigator
  15. Certified Agribusiness Specialist
  16. Diploma in Retail Management