Post graduate Certificate in Project financial Analysis and Modeling

The Post graduate certificate in Project financial analysis and Modeling offers in-depth training in analytical methods used by financial analysts and managers in a variety of settings, including finance departments within corporations, investment companies, other financial service institutions, and consulting and professional services firms. The course will teach you the basics of MS Excel all the way to creating successful Financial Models. By the end of the course, you will be able to independently build models that are robust and provide dynamic projections that can be used to thoroughly analyze a company from multiple standpoints: operations, investment, financing and valuation.

It will help you to make or enhance your career in the field of Equity research, investment banking, corporate finance, Project finance, public-private partnership projects, etc.

Course Description

Financial Modeling is one of the most fundamental and widely sought after skills in the finance industry. It is the art of building a model to depict financial statements and investment analysis using MS Excel. This helps arrive at optimal business solutions by analyzing various parameters. At the end of the course, You will be able to do the task of building a model depicting financial statements/business model, which helps in decision making.

Target Audience

Professionals in corporate and financial institutions who wish to raise their financial valuation skills to a superior level – Bankers/Real Estate Finance Executives, Analysts, Financial Managers and Consultants, Fund Managers, Investment Bankers and Consultants, Lawyers and Accountants, Corporate Property Managers, Property Fund Management Staff, Property Analysts and Developers, Real Estate Investors, Insurance Professionals, Valuers, Leasing Executives, Securitization Executives



Day 1: Fundamentals Of Corporate Finance & Financial Statement Analysis

Day 2: Microsoft Excel Basics-Advanced Functions for Financial Analysis

Day 3: Excel spreadsheet modeling & Visual Basic programming

Day 4: Project Finance Modeling

Day 5: Building your financial model

Course benefits

Let the Employers chase for your desired Job Profiles (Employers: Research Firms, Investment Banks, Credit Rating Firms, Hedge Funds , Private Equity, Mutual Funds, KPOs ).It indicates to your prospective employers that you are well verse with the practical aspects of financial Modeling.


Course Facilitators

ERM Institute (Ghana),

ACAMS Educational Partner.

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Certificate Awarding Institution

Wisconsin International University College