Postgraduate Certificate in Business Communication & Public Speaking

The Postgraduate Certificate in Business Communication & Public Speaking prepares participants to succeed in the contemporary workplace through a combination of courses that are designed to improve their competency at writing and speaking on the job. This course sets out to prepare participants to write rhetorically effective text in business, academic and other discourses. It provides participants with skills to research, plan and compose texts in different discourse types. Participants will also be exposed to functional discourse writing such as report writing, CV (resume) writing, writing of formal letters as well as public speaking. The course introduces participants to paragraphing (Introductory paragraph, developing paragraphs and concluding paragraph). It will also equip participants with expression and language, ie, use (Cohesion/Coherence; Use of Appropriate Register). Participants will learn group editing, self-editing, proof reading and “in-text” and bibliographic citations. Functional Discourse i.e. Report writing, minutes writing, curriculum vitae and formal letters are introduced to participants. Much time will be spent on introduction to public speaking and multi-cultural communications.


Day 1: Writing Foundations

Day 2: Business and Professional Writing

Day 3: Public Speaking

Day 4: Fundamentals of Cross-Cultural Communication



Business Executives; Company secretaries; Public Workers; National service persons; Students, Long essay, dissertation & Thesis writers, etc.


Course Fee: GHs 999

Course Facilitators

ERM Institute (Ghana),

ACAMS Educational Partner.

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Certificate Awarding Institution

Wisconsin International University College