Postgraduate Certificate in Financial Modeling

The Post Graduate certificate in Financial Modeling program is a professional certification tailored to fit the schedules of busy professionals. The certification program is unique in that it is modeled after many financial modeling course offered at Ivy League institutions today, offering more value for a more cost-effective program. The Program is a 40hr course hands-on program that includes study guides, required readings, and a flexible online examination process, accessible around the world. The online exam is structured so that in order to complete the exam within the 2-hour time frame one must read through all of the assigned materials and conceptually understand the majority of the material to score well enough to pass the exam. This certification program is designed to show and certify that you have gained an in-depth understanding and high-level, specialized knowledge. In addition to the benefits of gained knowledge, growing industry recognition, more knowledgeable career choices, and networking, our organization is also developing additional resources.


  1. Introduction to Microsoft Excel and functions
  2. Overview of financial statements and linkages to accurately develop balanced multi-year financial projections.
  3. Advanced Microsoft excel functions, formulas, layout, style and formatting to build scalable and robust financial models.
  4. Introduction to business/corporate finance and incorporating risk into financial models
  5. Build models that incorporate financial projections, perform discounted cash flow valuations, perform sensitivity analyses, build graphs and allow others to use their models without worrying about basic issues such as incorrect data input or “breaking” the model.

Course Facilitators

ERM Institute (Ghana), ACAMS Educational Partner.

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Certificate Awarding Institution

University of Ghana