Postgraduate Certificate in Public Private Partnership

Public-private partnerships have constituted a growing movement worldwide for at least the past decade. An essential element of PPP is the desire to link public sector accountability with private sector discipline, expertise, efficiency at delivering such services, and financial resources. This is equally true in both developed and developing countries. Public private partnerships (PPPs) are intended to harness the incentives of private markets to the public interest criteria of the state. Private capital and private sector companies finance and operate infrastructure that previously was publicly funded and managed. In recent years, PPPs have become popular in a number of countries. Governments keen to reduce government spending and borrowing and aware that private enterprise can provide services at lower cost, have introduced PPP programmes in place of or to supplement direct state investment. Countries have been seeking private partners to finance, manage and maintain infrastructure serving public purposes in a growing range of areas: Transportation, hospitals, prisons and schools are among the leading candidates for private partnerships.

The Intro Public-Private Partnership (P3) Course examines this emerging development with a focus on how development finance agencies can adopt P3 principles to address a variety of projects. This course will cover basic P3 concepts, key players involved in transactions, asset valuation, contract negotiation, risk assessment, revenue stream development, and feasibility analysis. In addition, several P3projects from across the world will be discussed, and P3 experts will analyze the successful elements in each deal..
Interest in P3 financing is growing as state and local governments face tough budget decisions along with declining federal investment in infrastructure. Several state and local agencies have used P3 to finance real estate developments, schools, parking garages, public transit, affordable housing, water facilities, and more. During the certificate course, industry experts will discuss the common characteristics and drivers of P3 financings throughout the country and explain the various structures of these deals. Participants in this hands-on program will become thoroughly familiar with the array of PPP models from Supply and Service Contracts, Management Agreements, Leasing, DBO, BOT, BOO, Privatization and a continuum of other approaches

Topics covered include:

  • Basics of public-private partnerships
  • Key players involved in a P3 deal
  • Market, feasibility, and financial analyses
  • Asset monetization and availability payments
  • Asset valuation and revenue stream development
  • Contract negotiation and typical terms of a P3 agreement
  • Bankability, construction, and performance risks

Target Audience

PPP Champions,PPP team members,Project Management professionals,Economic Development Professionals,Community Development Professionals,PPP Practitioners,Government and Nonprofit Finance Officers,Attorneys,Accountants,Financial Advisors,etc


Day 1: Understanding Public-Private Partnerships

Day 2: PPP Laws, PPP Models, Policy Directions, Issues, and Trends

Day 3: Financing issues, Financial Analysis and Modeling in PPPs

Day 4: Risk management in PPPs

Day 5: Legal and contractual issues in PPP projects

Course Fee :GHs 1399

Course Facilitators

ERM Institute (Ghana),

ACAMS Educational Partner.

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